Where the GAFAM origin started

URL: https://github.com/nickspaargaren/no-google


Google: Filters your thoughts
–> My thoughts: I know all your life with Google, Youtube, Analytics

Apple: Knows where you mom is
–> My thoughts: Apple is closed eco-system and it force you to learn how it works.

Facebook: Chooses what you READ
–> My thoughts: Know what you interest about, and profiling you event you dont have Facebook account, some app will include Facebook SDK.

Amazon: Knows what presents you are getting
–> My thoughts: No idea.

Microsoft: Formats your Kids
–> My thoughts: A.k.a: M$, what Microsoft bought will dies soon. Will see NPM and Github.

Avoid GAFAMDA in year 2020

GAFAM + Dropbox + Adobe


  • Expensive $$
  • Phone home with telemetry (telemetry.dropbox.com)


  • $$ Empire for Design / Film industries.
  • Bloat with old code base (from 90s)
  • Privacy nightmare, keep phoning home even stop entire Creative Cloud services. Read Angristan post
  • Bad for student
  • Evil bundle package. So far there is no Adobe Premire + Affer Effects bundle subscription plan. like Lightroom + Photoshop does. Watch DevEd youtube video.