Mozilla Firefox enable DNS-over-https


UPDATED: 2019-02-11

Threats to users privacy and security are growing. We believe we have this awareness to protect our data.

With our doh service, we have a resolver that we can trust to protect user’s privacy and data, which mean Firefox can igonore the local resolver that network provides and straight to 

It’s a big change and we need to share to our users first. We believe that DOH will become a modern DNS protocol in coming years. 

// about:config

1. search: " network.trr"
2. network.trr.mode: 2
3. network.trr.uri:
4. network.trr.bootstrapAddress :
5. network.trr.disable-ECS : false # Optional
6. network.trr.useGET : false 

//  search : true

Last step

Go to about:networking#dns and try dns wether its working or not ! 

Doh alternative: