Pi-hole with IPtables wired trick to block ads

As you can see, our internet now days became the monopoly, rule by Google, Facebook, Amazon ads, Chinese hijacking ads, Russian ads, etc. We have no choice say no use Google (especially for academic), Facebook, or Instagram. So far options we have is using Adblocker such as uBlock origin on Firefox or Chrome browser.

When this situation comes to me, I prefer to rent a VPS or Raspberry pi 3 and build a custom DNS server for home/office use. Block more than 80% of ads, tracker, malware, phishing, evil site, gambling, porn etc. Yeah I’m doing DNS HIJACKING, but wait If all client just use ads blocker, will also achieve this ultimate goal but we sacrifice bandwidth and computer resources。

As a web developer, Chrome already got more than 60% market share. so most of the time, our site only compatible for Chrome only. this kind of strength situation will happen. Also, SPA (Single page application) booming the internet, more and more website try to use SPA to deliver their site ( huge MB of Javascript, not yet include Ads script, totally a bloatware ). Chrome will get bigger and bigger. So times to consider Firefox as the second choice.

Most of the user are not IT or Network experts, its difficult for us to build our own Firewall, Proxy, DNS, private tor-bridge or even internet. you always have some trade-off. But soon I will release some of my experience how to build your own Proxy (Man-in-the-middle-attack), DNS server to filter ads.

Here is some news about chrome browser of their new extension V3 api.

Also google start to use Google-QUIC to delivery ads, that’s totally evil. Google always build their own standard, ship with their own product (Chrome, youtube, Gmail, etc) so you have no way to escape their tracking and ads targeting. See Pi-Hole discussion how they temporary fix this issue: