Internet is broken

How can you contribute to the Internet in year 2020 as a Global citizen.

Programming Languages


  1. NPM is evil? Youtube

Search engine

Avoid from: Google, Bing, Yandex, Baidu (include Chinese site)

  1. Random
  2. Searx – Privacy-respecting metasearch engine
  3. whoogle-search – Self-hosted, ad-free, privacy-respecting Google metasearch engine
  4. Qwant – The only search engine that respects your privacy
  5. – Privacy safe WEB-search

Self-hosted search engine

  1. Host searx on YunnoHost


  1. Google analytics – Solution: Matomo non-personally-identifying


  1. Maddy –

Smart Device

Avoid from Amazon, XiaoMi*, Chinese Phone*

No more **

Google –






  1. Run a relay

Open letter to whom blocked Tor IP


Niche and friendly site for human being.

Where possible make sure your website works without Javascript, or at least use lightweight bundles. Instead of using Google’s NoCaptcha (difficult for Tor Users), use security questions or a simple captcha instead. Whitelist Tor Exit IPs from your spam filter. Avoid using Cloudflare’s reverse proxy (DNS is fine for now), many web hosting providers (Hetzner, Scaleway, OVH, BuyVM, etc) already filter out DDoS Attacks for you. The speedboosts from Cloudflare’s CDN are minimal when you are conservative with media sizes and the amount of assets you serve. (You can even serve Bootstrap CSS and stuff from so it’s not a bandwidth issue!).


  1. YunoHost – Go host yourself
  2. Begin – Netlify and herokuish web hosting.

Photo by chuttersnap on Unsplash